these are the rules. please read them carefully!

  • You must not use your account if you are under thirteen because it will violate the COPPA rule. If you do this, you will be blocked until your 13th birthday. if loklok says that you'll not be blocked. this rule has no power
    • Don't swear! If you swear with intent to be rude to users (since some swears aren't worldwide swears, you may not intentionally swear), you will get blocked without warning! One week, one month or one year depending on the severity. If you swear when the block runs out, it will always be an infinite block.
      • No spamming or vandalism. Spamming is making useless edits on articles, while vandalism is messing up a page. You will get blocked for a week after one warning for any of these messups, or infinitely if you have already been blocked for spam or vandalism. If the spam or vandalism involves swearing, the block will have no warning and will be one week, one month or one year, per the above rule.
      • Don't harass users or post racism, sexism or bigotry, or you will get a one year block with warning.
      • Don't use multiple accounts unless you forgot the password to your first account or you want to change your username again! If you use multiple accounts, this is called sock-puppeting! and will get all accounts blocked infinitely without warning. and a template on the sock-puppet profile saying its a sock-puppet
      • Don't advertise or you'll get a one week block after two warnings or a demote if you have a rank
      • Don't tell people who are breaking the rules to stop, contact an Admin or Bureaucrat. If you backseat moderate like this, you will get two warnings and then a one 2 week block
      • Don't edit your userpage too much. No block, but it can be considered fluff editing, which is annoying. but you'll
      • No abusive or inappropriate usernames, or you will get an block until you change your username
      • If you see a rule that you disagree with, post a message on this page's comments or an admin's talk page.
      • If you are blocked five times, the fifth block will be 7 years. next will be a never ending block